Writing about technology for over 25 years


  • Communication is Multi-faceted

    Most communication projects can benefit from several of the services outlined here.

  • Websites

    Websites do not end with the initial design.

  • Translation and Localization

    Know no limits by capturing global audiences.

  • Technical Writting

    Turnkey solutions for your technical writing woes.

  • Integrated Communication

    Put all the elements together to reach the world and beat your competitors.

  • To be continued...

    My skills and corresponding services are growing all the time. Check back regularly for an expansive and expanding list.

The one-stop-shop for all your technical communication needs. Pick and choose from the offerings below:

Blog and Copy Writing

Quality Content Creation in a Hurry

  • Articles

    I have written hundreds of articles on myriad subjects spanning 25 years. No matter the subject matter, I can keep your content funnel flowing. I have worked as a freelance journalist and written for television—all experience which comes in handy. I also pick up complex topics quickly no matter the subject matter. Writing projects are my forte so hit me up to find out more!
  • Blog posts

    Besides having worked on many of my own blogs I have written and consulted for individuals and companies, including Patagonia, on their own blogs. Hit me up so we can work together to increase traffic to your blog.
  • Website Copy

    I have been contributing copy to websites for more than twenty years at diverse companies and organizations. I have learnt how to write online content over many years and can improve the quality of the writing on your website.
  • Editing

    I have edited many types of writing for a wide scope of companies including Autodesk and for a small specialized consulting firm which was named Convivio itself having served more than a dozen medium on up to large clients. Editing is a lost art that is sorely still necessary and something I still practice vigorously.
  • Ghostwriting

    I can ghostwrite short, medium, and longform pieces at your digression. I enjoy working with creative people and researching and writing about even unfamiliar topics so hit me up if you need some help.
  • Bios

    I have written bios for a wide variety of people so hit me up if you need improvement with yours and how to tie it into your other web properties.
  • Press Releases

    I have written many press releases over the years including several for an independent television producer putting out shows for PBS, CBC, BET and more.
  • Brochures

    I can help to write and craft your marketing material including brochures and newsletters.


Websites do not end with the initial design.

  • Information Architecture

    Before putting up a website for your organization, or performing let's say - major surgery - on an existing site, a clear information map should be architected taking advantage of the latest technologies and thinking in the craft—and that gets your online properties up-to-date with everything else happening in your organization.

    This is step 1 to a better online presence: a coherent information architecture.
  • Hosting

    I am continuously developing the hosting options I provide to my customers so their websites are hassle free, very fast and reliable.

    Most of my clients prefer I take over this often complicated task totally - from managing their URL/domain names, to everything to do with the servers etc. To the point where I am who they contact for all questions and curiosities.

    While always in developmental flux, I currently use some mix of Digital Ocean, NGINX, Docker containers, PhP acceleration, and the CloudFlare CDN to provide top notch speed and security, with just enough bleeding edge bling for good measure.
  • Content Creation

    The web is about content. Written content for the most part. How users find your site will be almost totally the result of having lots of quality content posted regularly.

    Most small to medium size, and even larger organizations have real trouble filling their online properties with engaging and relevant content—stories and posts for search engines to crawl and readers to share, so even beautifully designed sites can become ghost towns soon after the initial launch spike.

    Further, having social media accounts means nothing if tweets, posts, and updates cannot point back to a website with fresh content.

    Let me and my stable of writing colleagues provide the voluminous content your otherwise bare site may just be in dire need of.
  • Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is critical to getting your new, or reworked, website to the very top of the Google search results.

    My growing expertise in this field can get you there.

    And specifically, having someone already steeped in the content of your site also handling its SEO makes great business sense too.
  • Design & Setup

    I can completely design your website based on a WordPress theme, or even design a theme from scratch to give your property a totally unique look & feel.
  • Mobile & Apps

    Leveraging new technologies like AppPress Reactor and PressBooks, I am now offering my clients something unique. After building them a website, I can build them iPhone/Android Apps, as well as publish eBooks - including to Amazon - derived from the content of their website.
  • Content Management

    Websites are no longer, and have not been for some time, simply front-door advertisements with a few pictures and an about and contact page.
  • eCommerce, Event Management, and more...

    Whether you need specialized functionality on your site, like seamless e-commerce or a way to handle multi-venue speaking engagements complete with a way to sell tickets, you have come to the right place.

Technical Writing

Turnkey solutions for your technical writing woes.

  • Writing

    Covering many complex domains with an aptitude in getting the most out of SMEs and then delivering the crucial information to lay and specialized audiences in a timely and usable manner.

    I can write user and administration guides, web and intranet content, and for mobile devices.

    With a focus on computer hardware and software, I have written for many high profile clients in domains including:

    1. Big Data & mass storage
    2. SDN (software defined networking)
    3. video compositing/editing
    4. camera surveillance
    5. access control
    6. license plate recognition
    7. live event multimedia
    8. telco expense management
    9. telco OSS (operations support systems)
    10. logistics
    11. digital music & jukeboxes
    12. 3D CAD/CAM & animation
    13. health care
    14. finance
    15. CNC multi-axis machining
  • Content Management

    The proliferation of technical content, whether written material, multimedia, or digital assets of other types, will continue to grow in this era of Big Data.

    Managing and leveraging all that your organization produces, for example, to find the best ways to single-source material from the R&D department to training and marketing, is one of my key strengths resting on over fifteen years working in media and software development shops through many transitions in platforms, processes, and overall workflows.

    Bottom line is the sooner that your material is organized, rationalized, and planned out, the smoother your operation will run.

    Let me know what I can do for you, or simply ask me to take a look at your current content and I can propose a strategy for improvements with a consistent eye to new developments and innovation in the market.
  • Structured Development

    The name of the game is structure. That is, setting up vocabularies of syntactic meaning, using such innovations as DITA, an XML variant, to tame an organization's information-based output.

    I have implemented structured solutions for high profile clients such as Watch4net—who were recently purchased by renowned storage and big data leader EMC.

    If technical documentation is not your core competence but your organization requires lots of it, let me know and I can propose, and if it makes sense implement, a future-proof structured solution customized for you.
  • Editing

    Often, technical writing deliverables or even whole documentation sets have never been formally edited. This can leave a lot of inconsistencies, including weak writing reflecting poorly on the product, as well as technical inaccuracies perhaps the result of having many different writers over several years never having had the chance to look over the documentation in its entirety.

    What's more, sometimes having professional writers on a project is outside your scope, so engineers and other non-specialists have written a product's accompanying documentation.

    For all these reasons and more, consider having a professional editor do a once-over on your accumulated work and deliver back something of much higher value.

    I have performed rigorous editing jobs for high profile clients, including editing the 10,000+ page documentation set for the famed post-production tools Flame and Smoke at Autodesk Media and Entertainment.
  • Application and Tools Support

    Most technical writers do not have the time or vantage point from different clients to understand and develop optimal use of the tools necessary to produce high quality deliverables, whether traditional PDFs, online help, over intranets, and increasingly on mobile devices.

    Using a best of breed approach, and with continual innovation, let me modernize your workflow with tools and applications that will optimally produce what you need for your products with push-button efficiency.

    Whether FrameMaker and Webworks ePublisher, oXygen, Author-it, WordPress, or another tool, having serviced many clients, there is usually a better way to do production especially if your organization is used to working in a disjointed series of silos when it comes to its technical communication requirements.
  • Indexing

    Indexing a voluminous documentation set is a skill in itself that many organizations cannot adequately do themselves since one needs to approach a product from an outsider's perspective to do it properly.

    Navigation becomes more crucial everyday as the information a typical professional comes into contact with continues to grow exponentially so what good is the documentation set you produce if no one can find anything in there?

    Well indexed material is a value-add that can be leveraged across print and online deliverables, boalster SEO when putting your material directly on the internet, and generally adds to the quality of products and internal communication.

    I have performed indexing work for top clients so please inquire what I can do for you.

Translation and Localization

Know no limits by capturing global audiences.

  • User Interfaces

    Software applications are inherently portable and can be sold easily worldwide, that is, if users in diverse countries can understand them.

    Often, in North American we both overestimate how well global audiences understand English and underestimate the impact and market potential our products can have if they are translated into other languages.

    I have many years of expertise working with tools such as Multilizer and localizing high profile and bleeding edge tools like X-Agora by Moment Factory.

    Imagine the UI of your application in 5 different languages and marketed worldwide—the possibilities are earth shattering.
  • Websites

    Whether in Quebec where French and English are key, to Toronto where perhaps Chinese, New York and Spanish, or Russian, Arabic, Farsi, etc, your audience is global but how good is their English?

    I have managed the translation of websites for many different types of clients and with many different technologies such as WPML the powerful Wordpress plugin, in Joomla, and using other external tools which take advantage of translation memory and other specialized translation techniques.

    Think about expanding your audience to reach the wider web—give me a call, in any language.
  • Technical Documentation

    Imagine if the same people performing the writing and services described in the top part of this page could also at the same time manage the translation.

    Imagine the efficiencies gained. The speed to market. How much easier it will be to make changes—and there are always changes.

    You don't have to imagine anymore.

Integrated Communication

Put all the elements together to reach the world and beat your competitors.

  • Project Management

    Managing creativity can be a daunting proposition, especially considering all of the above.

    I have learnt, however, that even the most ill-defined project, or existing confusing disparate combination of inputs and outputs, can benefit from planning, coordination, and in a phrase: project management.

    Whether you need a rigorous MS Project-based schedule, or simply some consulting on how long something should take to complete or where to make adjustments, having an extra set of Gantt charts - so to speak - especially with those steeped in the creative and software development worlds—can often do a world of good.

    Call me to get back on schedule.
  • Mobile Apps

    Companies often make the mistake that mobile apps are a (relatively easy) one-off project.

    Au contraire, an organization's app not only must be integrated into an overall company's information flow and processes, but needs maintenance, updates, and even a bit of TLC to keep it working and relevant.

    Having people who are otherwise engaged with your organization, performing some of the other services mentioned on this page, all-the-while also keeping a steady eye on the development and life of your mobile app initiative(s), only makes sense.
  • Integrated Communication

    All of the services on this page, only fully integrated.

    Try it. You'll like it.
  • Multimedia

    Having worked at top visual effects and multimedia companies renowned worldwide, like Autodesk Media and Entertainment and Moment Factory, I know how to partner with people to produce multimedia content, such as videos for Youtube, Infographics for Pinterest, interactive 3D games or just simple vector-based technical drawings.

    These all can enhance your presence no matter the cause or end-medium, all in preparation for the full immersion of Oculus Rift (of course ;) ).
  • Advanced Social Media

    Basic exposure to Facebook does not prepare you for what it means to engage the social web on all fronts for your company.

    From crafting and implementing content strategies and maintaining relationships on myriad social platforms each important and nuanced, whether Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, but also Tumblr, Wordpress.com, and others in the long tail of the internet, can be subtle and crucial in finding your audience, and hence, your customers.

    From content, to metrics, to overall integration with all of the above, engagement means understanding your business as fully as possible, strategizing, and moreover constant iteration as keeping ahead of the curve here, is both very challenging, and a must, increasingly, to remain relevant.
  • Research X Development

    Consult me directly to work on special projects.