In Transition from Technical Writer to Computer & Environmental Ethicist


Communication is complex business nowadays in a world of constant change.

Don't chance it by giving this responsibility to amateurs.

  • Introduction

    Explaining software for specialized domains, developing multi-purpose websites, disseminating health information for specialists, targeting journalism efficiently, or getting at other niche audiences effectively is difficult in the best of times.

    Whether you need technology or technical writing, website content or translation work, or a whole new information architecture, you are definitely not going to call Ghostbusters.
  • Process

    Organizations often come to me towards the end of a project with acute technical communication needs that were neglected during the course of development.

    I help clients, then, take a step back, before quickly getting back on track, with a project plan, a course of action, and proposed deliverables, all in short order; along with time and cost estimates.

    After some consultation, I can quickly put together a team, and get busy surpassing expectations.
  • Technology

    Having lived through generations of operating systems, software applications, and hardware, the one thing I now know is change is the only constant.

    I therefore have developed a unique best of breed approach to the tools I use for any new project, leaning heavily on open source tools wherever possible, balancing cost, development speed, with an emphasis on long term maintainability from the client's perspective.
  • Next Steps

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  • Future

    Stay tuned as I embark on a journey to become a Computer and Environmental Ethicist.

    Much more coming soon!

Jonathan Wexler

Technical Writer | Aspiring Computer and Environmental Ethicist