Servicing specialized companies for over 15 years


The New Weather

Soundcloud audio version!

At right is the audio version of the story The New Weather, a semi-autobiographical odyssey through icy mountains, the Galilean Hills, Connecticut, Cuba, women, software, and a wayward fox. There also is an online book version published using the software PressBooks.


eBook version in progress!

Below you can access a new Cli Fi (climate fiction) book I am writing called Blackout. The online book is published using the software PressBooks.



Software User Manual

This was the first long document I ever wrote - a 700 page user manual on Web 3D software back in 2003.

I worked with many former employees of Softimage, creators of the original animated dinosaurs in Spielberg's Jurassic Park.

Inverse Kinematics and MindAvenue Creative forever, indeed.


World Affairs Television

TV for PBS and the CBC

I wrote, edited, and produced for shows like The Editors, The Directors, Time: The Week and the News, and Playwrights and Screenwriters.

I really like this press release I did for the latter: