Writing about technology for over 20 years


I was always a writer at heart with a keen interest in technology. From my earliest days in college and university where
I edited various newspapers and journals, to my eventual progression to a full-throated technical writer largely at Autodesk, I was interested in how to interpret technology for the layman and in understanding its cultural implications.

This interest suited me well as I worked through a series of increasingly more sophisticated technical writing roles, at companies such as MindAvenue (now apart of 20/20 Technologies), Objectif Lune, Autodesk, Genetec, Watch4net (now apart of Dell) and Moment Factory. My skills as a technical writer grew from simply writing user guides and providing online help, to writing admin guides, including 3D interactive graphics with the help, to becoming an expert at technologies such as Adobe FrameMaker and WebWorks Publisher. At the same time my web skills were picking up as I provided WordPress-based solutions to clients, to the point of creating Dockerized WordPress websites as is Montreal Tech Writer.

My plan going forward is to marry my deep technical writing skills with my newly developing web and mobile skills to provide even better solutions for green organizations & businesses, and individual professionals, through Montreal Tech Writer.